That’s My Girl: First Written Words

17 written wordsLearning to read and write in Hungarian is much easier than in English.  Every letter has only one sound, and every letter in every word is pronounced.

No silent letters, no soft/hard sounds for the same letter, no i before e issues to learn.

In Hungarian, rhythm would be written rithm, and guess would be ges.

T-Sprout quickly mastered the Hungarian letters and their sounds.  A friend suggested that it’s easier to work on writing before reading, so we’ve been sounding out words on the dry erase board.  Just easy classics: mama, papa, grandma, grandpa, cat, house, etc.

She’s also expressed interest in writing independently.  She sits at her desk writing out letters and numbers and calls it “studying for her test.”  (Papa Sprout studies a lot for work-related tests).

A few months ago when I was writing out the bridal shower invitations for my sister, she sat down next to me with a post-it pad to write out wedding invitations.
When we asked her what the 8 or so random letters on her invitations stood for, she said, “Dear Auntie G, Please invite us also to your wedding.”

We had a major breakthrough a couple weeks ago: she sounded out and wrote some real words by herself.

She woke me up in the middle of my nap to show me her magnum opus.

Four real words, with the appropriate letters colored in: KAKA, KAKA, PISI, PUKI.  (poop, poop, pee, fart)

A masterpiece.

17 first written words

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  1. liz scheetz August 19, 2013 at 2:10 am #

    Spoken, oops written like a true Madzsar! I am so proud.

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