Mixing Languages: A Trilingual Sentence

16 peasMy Hungarian friends and I mix languages all the time.  Sometimes I feel that my mother tongue is Hunglish (Englarian?).

So far T-Sprout has not been mixing languages.  I think it’s because she speaks only one language with each adult.  Not anymore.

A few days ago T-Sprout pulled out a trilingual sentence.  Of course she said it to Papa Sprout, who is the only one who understands all 3 languages.

He asked her if she wanted to go swimming, and she answered, “Lehet hogy csak namocit nohy or something.”

Translation: “Maybe just dip our legs in or something.”

For me this sentence also perfectly sums up where she is in her 3 languages.

In Hungarian she’s comfortable enough to use adverbs like maybe and just.

Her Slovak is limited to phrases she hears from Papa Sprout, like “brush teeth,” “get back into bed,” “dip legs in.”

Her English has a lot of garnish phrases.  The “or something” sounds a lot like something I’d tag on to the end of a Hungarian sentence.

I was kind of surprised by this little “milestone.”  I really didn’t think that this would happen and I’m excited for this coming school year of fun language surprises!

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