First Day of Preschool

20 paintYesterday was T-Sprout’s first full day of preschool.  There were no tears at the door, no wistful turn-backs; she ran into that room.

It was a beauteous 3-hour productive whirlwind for Mama and R-Sprout.  I weed-whacked (well, for about 2 minutes until I ran the string down to nothing), built a felt board, and ironed some stuff (who’d have thought that ironing would still be necessary in 2013 considering we only buy wrinkle-free shirts?).

Important math knowledge gained: minus 1 kid = a 300% increase in stuff that can get done.  I even had daydreams of sorting through the toys next week…

This may or may not be because preschool started, but in the last week T-Sprout has been busy shoring up her English knowledge.  She’s asked what the following random words are in English:

Bat (several times, she really must think this one’s on the test)
Left/Right (she seemed to be just double checking, thank God)

I have no idea whether or not these words came in handy for her yesterday.

When I went to pick her up, the nice teachers had created a quote chart on which they listed each kid’s favorite thing was in preschool.  The other kids said intelligent and grammatically correct things like: “I like playing with the bear.  He’s so soft and fuzzy.”  Or , “I really liked playing outside.”

Next to T-Sprout’s name were 2 words: “umm….paint”

Thus begins the English-language catch-up session known as preschool.

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  1. Sasi September 10, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    HAHA AW! Sounds like she did such a great job! :D


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